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Jarz's Creek, established 2019

We are a new farm to Auburn Township, Ohio, established in 2019,  focusing on agritourism and sharing our love for nature. We purchased our land in 2019 and have conserved a part of it dedicated to saving the monarch.

We wanted to do something to educate the community on the things they can do to support the beautiful monarch butterflies, this is one way we can give back,” said Kellie Jarzembak, co-founder of Jarz’s Creek.

“Small things add up to big things, we can all have a positive impact, ‘a handprint,’ to make our planet a better place for everyone,” Jarz’s Creek co-founder Jeremy Jarzembak said. “People are so focused on reducing their carbon footprint that they don’t realize their handprints can have just as big or bigger effects.”

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